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A Business Owner's Guide to Accepting LA Wallet

8/13/2019 | Envoc

LA Wallet is an app that is the only acceptable form of electronic identification according to the ATC and Louisiana State Police. With zero cost to the state, this app was developed jointly with a software company called Envoc, the State Police, the General Council, and the OMV.

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The approval for LA Wallet passed legislation as Act 625 in 2016, making it legal for law enforcement to accept a digital credential. This app went live on June 26th, 2018 and has since been downloaded by over 325,000 citizens and is growing daily.

The LA Wallet app is authoritative, meaning it's just as valid and accurate as a physical plastic license. However, it has the added benefits of convenience (as long as you have your phone, it’s always with you) and real-time accuracy. If someone’s license is suspended or expired, or if they are under age, you will know immediately. Some other great benefits are that it is interactive, easy to scan, secure, private, and optional.

Cost to Citizens
The LA Wallet app costs $5.99 for the current issuance of your license. This means that if you were to purchase the app on your 6-year license issuance, the cost is under $1 per year.

Cost to Businesses
The LA Wallet app is FREE to download and FREE to use the VerifyYou Scan feature. This means that you can scan other ID’s in real-time that will go back to the DMV to make sure the credentials are valid in real-time. LA Wallet is also FREE to use with existing 2D barcode scanners. The app will scan 2D barcodes of other licenses, even IDs from another state. A premium version of VerifyYou for business use is coming soon – stay tuned for more details!

There Are 3 Ways for Businesses to Accept LA Wallet:

Basic Visual Check
The state police asked to have a hands-off, no-touch policy. This allows vendors to be able to visually look at a digital license just as they would an ID. LA Wallet’s high-resolution feature allows you to do just that! The protections and restrictions within the app allow vendors to ensure they aren’t just looking at a screenshot.

Barcode Scan
You may also use a barcode scan. If you look on the back of a physical license, there is a 2-dimensional barcode. This code is all of the information encoded on the front of your license into a machine-readable format on the back of the license. Stores can now scan the LA Wallet barcode located in the app. Note: Some of the older laser scanners may not read the LA Wallet barcode.

VerifyYou Scan
Anybody that has the LA Wallet application, whether a citizen or business, has this scan feature on it. It is the third button from the bottom on the left. As you click this, the camera gets activated and you can scan either the back of physical license or the VerifyYou image of somebody else. As you scan, it will read the barcode, go off to the DMV, and give you the VerifyYou results of that scan. These results include an image of the citizen, the validity, if they are under 18 or over 18 or over 21, and full name. You can also get their driver's license number if they permitted you to.

ATC Guidelines For Digital Verification
We hope LA Wallet will simplify the process of validating ID’s for age and identity verification. However, the most important thing for businesses to remember is that all the same rules and guidelines apply when ensuring an individual is of legal age to purchase and/or consume alcohol and tobacco products. Always reference the latest version of the ATC Responsible Vendor (RV) Handbook for the most up-to-date policies and guidelines.

With more citizens beginning to carry digital IDs, it’s important for businesses to understand what it is, how it works, and how you can accept it at your establishment if you choose. Have any more questions? Sign up to receive our FREE business training webinar! This business webinar was hosted on July 30th, 2019 and included the latest information on legislation, best practices, and practical usage guidelines for businesses to begin accepting LA Wallet.


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