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LA Wallet Announces Free Business Training Webinar

7/23/2019 | Envoc

LA Wallet will be hosting an online webinar for Louisiana businesses on July 30, 2019. Read more in this article...

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Baton Rouge, LA – Officially approved by Louisiana’s Alcohol & Tobacco Control (ATC) and Louisiana Law Enforcement (State, Parish, and Municipal Police), LA Wallet is the only legally accepted digital driver’s license in the nation. With more than 324,000 registered citizens using LA Wallet, Louisiana residents are asking more local businesses to accept the app for age and identity verification. 

To respond to this request, LA Wallet will be hosting an online webinar for Louisiana businesses on July 30, 2019, at noon CST, to cover how LA Wallet works and how to implement best practices when verifying a digital ID. Anyone that checks Louisiana state-issued IDs to verify age or identity in their workplace should REGISTER HERE (Webinar has been held, view the video here) to attend this webinar. 

Calvin Fabre, a co-founder of LA Wallet, will be leading the presentation and will share some practical tips for adopting the app into business policies. When asked about the overall acceptance of the app, Fabre said, “The response from Louisianians has been tremendous. Our local community wants this to succeed for the advancement of our State, and the support of local businesses would help make that a reality.” 

The LA Wallet app is currently free to use for verification purposes and can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play. Webinar participants will be allotted time at the end of the presentation to ask questions.

About LA Wallet:

LA Wallet is Louisiana’s Digital Driver’s License, launched July 3, 2018 by Gov. Edwards’s announcement. LA Wallet is the nation’s first legally accepted digital driver’s license, created in collaboration with the State of Louisiana, Louisiana State Police and written into law by Rep. Ted James. Available in Apple App and Google Play Stores, LA Wallet is supported and continually improving at the hands of Louisiana-educated developers at Envoc. 



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